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  • We are a large-scale modern ecological agricultural scientific research enterprise focusing on the development and research of North American holly industry and the planting of colored seedlings. The company has a North American holly cultivation base with a total area of 13,000 acres in the three most suitable regions for the growth of North American holly in Weihai Nanhai, Fujian Minhou, and Yunnan Qujing. Each year, 30 million fresh cut branches of North American holly can be provided to the whole country, and the annual production of tissue culture seedlings can be achieved 10 million.

  • —— Three production bases ——
  • The company currently has three North American holly production bases. According to the characteristics of its different geographical locations, adapt measures to local conditions, cooperate with functions, and carry out a reasonable division of labor
    Weihai Nanhai Base: production of fresh-cut branches, potted plants, and tenderwood cuttings in the process of raising seedlings;
    Fujian Minhou Base: Production of hardwood cuttings and seedlings (cultivation of finished branches);
    Qujing Base in Yunnan: Mainly engaged in all kinds of seedling cultivation, finished branch cultivation, fresh cut branches (potted products), and various plant experiments.
    Set up a sales center in Kunming Dounan Flower Market, the largest flower distribution center in Asia, for domestic and international marketing.

  • According to the strategic positioning of producing high-end quality North American holly products, after precise location selection, at an average altitude of 2200 meters, the Qujing region of Yunnan, which is uniquely suitable for the growth of North American holly, established Fumanhong Wanmu North American Wintergreen (Yunnan) Crop Science Co., Ltd., Efforts to build a red base in southern China. The planned planting area of the first phase is 5,200 acres, which will eventually achieve a magnificent planting area of 12,000 acres, which will then be built into a high-end planting industry base with international standards.


North American holly is also called Fumanhong, with shallow roots, inconspicuous main roots, and well-developed fibrous roots, which will not damage the vegetation of the land. It has the advantages of high ornamental value, wide range of uses, and fast growth. North American holly, as a cut flower, is mostly listed before the Spring Festival. The clusters of red fruits on the branches are auspicious and festive. They are bright red and red. They are very Chinese red and fit the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival. They are widely used in autumn and winter cutting. Full-service gardening companies, florists, florists, and gardeners in the fields of landscaping, room potted plants, and garden applications.

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